Earn Cryptocurrency without Investment in Hive

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Ever look at your friend's viral post on FB and think,

"If they could just convert their likes to money, they could be rich by now."

Or do you have that friend who is an aspiring YouTuber and is still

...waiting to hit 1,000 subscribers to get their videos monetized?

Show your friend this post and tell them to thank you later as we feature the platform that combines social media and the blockchain - two breakthroughs of our time. Here's Hive.

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Hive is a decentralized social media platform where the users are the content creators and consumers. You can blog, vlog and engage with the users to earn cryptocurrency. As you post good quality content, the more popular it becomes, therefore the higher you'll earn. I've been in this space for a year now and with the recent hype of cryptocurrencies, I could say that staying here was one of the best decisions I've made so far.

You're already posting content on your social media, why not post to an audience that rewards you for it?

Don't get me wrong though. When I say that you can post, blog, vlog and comment your way to earning cryptocurrency that's just my way of keeping things simple. Just keep in mind that Hive is much more than that. Here is an excellent beginner's guide compiled by a fellow Hiver @ryzeonline; Hive: A Complete Beginner's Guide (with Fun Doodles) to further explain what I mean.

In this post, I'll show you how I helped my friends get started on Hive so that you can pass it on to a friend too. Or if you're up for it, maybe even you!

Step 1: Make your Hive account

Here is the signup link for Hive: https://signup.hive.io/. There are many ways to sign up but the faster way to do it is to join through a Hiver's referral link. That's how I personally got my friends onboard. If you would like to join through my referral link, here it is: my peakd referral link. PeakD is my personal choice of website to use to blog on Hive while 3Speak is what I use to upload videos.

Another benefit to signing up through an existing user's referral link is they can delegate some Hive Power to help newbies perform basic Hive tasks. When the newbies' posts gain traction, the delegator can earn rewards from them too.

Remember to back up all your Hive keys in a trusted storage place. Emphasis on "trusted" which means not easily corruptible and hackable. Protect your keys at all cost! They are your blockchain identity.


Step 2: Write your Introduction Post

This is how you get Hivers to know you. The Hive community is extremely helpful and welcoming to newbies so make your introduction post as best as you can. You can write about yourself here, how you got to know the platform and what your interests are. Do you plan to make more blogs and vlogs? Do you like to discover undervalued quality posts? Aside from blogging, vlogging and engaging, Hive rewards you through curating too!

Here is my introduction post for your reference: Is There a Place for Me in Hive?


Step 3: Find your Community

This is where you get to know like-minded individuals who enjoy the same passions as you. My go-to communities are Bee a Better You, Foodies Bee Hive, Self-Improvement and Have You Been Here. You can blog about your fitness routines, favorite food and travel destinations in the appropriate communities. To help you find the community for you, here is OCD's rundown of Hive communities.


Step 4: Redeem your Rewards

Your rewards will be redeemable after 7 days from the posting date. Explore your wallet. Your rewards are given in the form of Hive Dollars (HBD) and Hive Power (HP). After redemption, you can decide to reinvest your earnings in Hive or transfer your currencies in exchanges like Binance. Hive, the cryptocurrency, can be traded to Bitcoin and fiat. For my fellow Filipinos here's a helpful guide how: Trying Binance P2P for the First Time.


Step 5: Create, Engage, Curate, Invest and Repeat

So far, I've got you covered on how to earn Hive through content creation. You can also earn through engagement, curation and reinvesting in the platform. Once you get the hang of posting, I strongly suggest that you engage and curate as well. Hive can flourish as a platform when its users take time to give back. Earning while playing games is also profitable here in Hive. I'm not familiar with the process but perhaps exploring Splinterlands can tell you more.


Just follow these steps and you're on your way to earning your first Hive. Here's a quick recap in case you want to show this to a friend:
Hive Onboarding Process

This post is my entry to the contest hosted by OCD: Highlighting Hive SEO Community. I made this post with the end goal that we can successfully onboard new people in Hive. Feel free to send this to a newbie who you think can learn from this. Happy hiving!